Real-time picture of your people business

Plan and allocate work. Find the right team for each project. Monitor planned capacity and utilization. Forecast ahead to know when to hire and what to sell.

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Operating helps plan upcoming projects and build a capacity forecast for agencies

Plan teams

Connect your CRM and organize all work in one place

  • See deals when they reach a chosen pipeline stage
  • Start planning early, add required skills and roles
  • Never lose track of an upcoming need

Off-the-shelf integrations with

Harvest LogoPipedrive LogoHubSpot Logo

+ many more to come, based on your requests

Read more on the Harvest, Pipedrive, and HubSpot integrations.

--> What kinds of teams benefit from Operating?
Operating horizon screenshot
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List & filter upcoming work in one, organized place

Plus icon

Add projects

From CRM or manually, also internal projects

Zap icon

Roles and skills

Set these even before you know exactly when the work would start

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Share plans with your whole team so that they know what’s up next

Upward trend icon

Key metrics

How many open needs do you have right now? How many available people?

People icon

Part of the routine

Use the Horizon to run your sales team’s regular meetings


Solve the resource allocation puzzle: see people, projects, and budgets on a timeline

  • See everything you need to know at once
  • Allocate work with hourly rates and project budgets
  • Detailed enough for day-to-day work effort scheduling
  • Flexible enough to show 4+ months ahead
--> How does Columbia Road manage staffing?
Operating Timeline screenshot
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Minimize time on bench

Start from who’s most available now

Clock icon

Hours, days/week, or %

Assign workloads in the unit that makes sense for your business

Checkmark icon

Sure and unsure

Distinguish between confirmed and tentative allocations

Line Icon

Timing is essential

Find the perfect match based on availability and skill profile

Filter Icon

Powerful filtering

Filter by team, name, skill, role, location, project type etc.

Edit icon

Easy to edit

Paint allocations on a timeline and drag them around

Calendar icon

Public Holiday Calendars

Add public holidays automatically based on teams' locations

Touch Icon

Absences visible

See and manage time off, calculate impact on project workdays


Make sure consultants are not overworked or underutilized and minimize revenue leak.

  • Connect your time tracking to follow planned capacity and actual hours tracked
  • Drill down to individual, project, and client level
  • Spot differences in utilization at a glance
--> Introduction to the planned vs. actual hours report

Two-way integration with

Harvest Logo

Effortless data import from

ClickUp LogoToggl logoXledger Logo

+ any software that supports “export all time entries”

Planned vs. actual hours comparison
Synchronization icon

In sync with your time tracking

Import and create clients, projects and people from Harvest and other time tracking systems to follow how plans play out

Csv import icon

CSV also supported

Not using Harvest? Worry not, your time tracking tool probably generates an export you can use

Ball graph icon

Spot the differences

Adjust allocations whenever plans change – keep everyone informed on what’s expected

Coming soon


Get an accurate capacity and revenue forecast to make the right moves in sales & hiring

  • Get a prediction on your billable utilization: see how much time will be spent on client work
  • Forecast revenue from company to competence and project team level.
  • Look at confirmed and tentative capacity on a monthly and weekly level
  • Order book + sales pipeline = the future of your business
--> How does Iona predict their digital commerce business?
Operating capacity planning screenshot
Network icon

Probability, weighed

Use CRM deal probabilities to account for uncertainty

Bell Icon

Inform the recruiters

Identify which roles or skills are in high demand and when – know when to hire

Compass Icon

Steer the offering

See which offering areas your sales team should emphasise

Filter Icon

Advanced filters

Drill down to competencies, teams, and individuals.

Three balls icon

Client work, time off, and internal work

See how time is divided between billable work and other activities

Can I do _____ with Operating?

  • Can I add hourly rates, and forecast my company's revenue?

    -> Yes

  • Can the people showcase their skills, interests and bio?

    -> Yes

  • Can anyone look up for what kind of projects they might be staffed in soon?

    -> Yes

  • Can I set part-time working hours for a consultant?

    -> Yes

  • Do you support different user permission levels?

    -> Yes, highly configurable

  • Can I replicate our company structure, teams, offices, etc.?

    -> Yes

  • Can I manage externals, subcontractors, freelancers?

    -> Yes

  • Do you support SSO?

    -> Yes. Okta, Azure, Google...

  • Can I add people to the talent pool before they’ve started work?

    -> Yes

  • Can I import people from our system XYZ?

    -> Yes, using our REST API or a .csv

  • Can I visualize everyone’s time tracking data?

    -> Yes, connect your time tracking system

  • Can I track utilization % and number of billable hours per person?

    -> Yes

  • Can I add internal projects and roles?

    -> Yes

  • Can I let people manage their own schedule?

    -> Yes

  • Can I let people manage their own weekly working hours and time off?

    -> Yes

  • Can you show a breakdown of everything, internal work, time off, etc.?

    -> Yes

  • Can I do account planning for a client account inside Operating?

    -> Yes, and link to all your
    other planning tools

  • Can I link to our files on Google Drive, Linkedin CVs, etc.?

    -> Yes

  • Can I use the professional profile and skills in development discussions?

    -> Yes

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