Customer stories

Operating helps us plan upcoming work, staff projects, and help our consultants showcase their skills and interests

We're about 150 people, in different locations and countries. We can keep things efficient and people-focused with a common view of our sales pipeline, allocations, and our team's skills and interests.

Ville Loppinen, Columbia Road
Ville Loppinen
General Manager
Columbia Road
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Fewer Excel sheets, a reliable future outlook – what's not to like!

Centralizing our capacity planning and skill matrix Excels into Operating has made running the business easier.

John Kavaleff, Iona
Iona & Co

We're growing the business – together with the whole team

Everyone now has visibility to upcoming and current projects. The information that used to live in people's heads is now in Operating.

Elisa Lipponen, Nordkapp
Director of Operations

Staffing cross-border projects is much easier now

We have a lot of projects done together across our different offices. Operating helps find the right person for the right need - no matter where they are located.

Simon Fransson, Columbia Road
General Manager
Columbia Road Sweden