Keep your consulting business simple with Operating.

Straightforward planning for agency operations

  • Allocate people to projects on a timeline
  • Connect your CRM to plan upcoming work
  • Keep track of planned capacity and actual hours
Operating UI showing planning of tentative projects and project allocations

Trusted by agencies and consultancies globally

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How it works

Operating is a resource allocation tool helping agencies and consultancies build optimal project teams and forecast their revenue. Connect your sales pipeline and time tracking to plan upcoming work and monitor planned and actual hours spent. Show open opportunities for everyone and maximize utilization.

Operating integrates with Harvest, Pipedrive, and HubSpot
More on the product

Running a professional service business feels chaotic.

  • It should be simple: Sell the work, hire the right people, and make sure clients and employees are satisfied.
  • Somehow managing this becomes harder and harder with growth. Efficiency goes down.

Your team's calendar fills up with internal sync meetings.

You manage your operations using a collection of spreadsheets, but others find them difficult to understand.

We felt the need at Futurice, Reaktor, and Columbia Road. We would have loved to have a too like Operating back then.

Operating helps the next generation of agencies and consulting companies minimize busywork and run their operations transparently leading to higher utilization, happier people, and increased profits.

Fewer Excel sheets, a reliable future outlook – what's not to like!

Centralizing our capacity planning and skill matrix Excels into Operating has made running the business easier.

John Kavaleff, Iona
Iona & Co

We're growing the business – together with the whole team

Everyone now has visibility to upcoming and current projects. The information that used to live in people's heads is now in Operating.

Elisa Lipponen, Nordkapp
Director of Operations

Staffing cross-border projects is much easier now

We have a lot of projects done together across our different offices. Operating helps find the right person for the right need - no matter where they are located.

Simon Fransson, Columbia Road
General Manager
Columbia Road Sweden