Connect Operating with your Time Tracking, CRM, and people & HR tools to keep data up-to-date accross systems.

Time Tracking

Connect your time tracking system and Operating to keep clients, projects, and people in sync and to get reports for planned and actual hours spent.


An easy way to track time across projects. Instant reports, seamless invoicing and payments, and integrations with the tools your team loves.


Intelligent time registration and expense management that complies with the new legal requirements in Denmark.


Connect your CRM to see deals in Operating as tentative projects,  match the right consultants with the right cases, and forecast tentative availability.


HubSpot's free CRM powers your customer support, sales, and marketing with easy-to-use features like live chat, meeting scheduling, and email tracking.


The easy and effective CRM for closing deals. Pipedrive lets you track your sales pipeline, manage leads and automate your entire sales process in one place so you can focus on selling.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our integration partner Meltlake ( can integrate your MS Dynamics CRM to Operating. You can also do yourself utilizing our REST API.

People & HR

Connect systems related to people & HR to manage your company's people, leaves, and skill profiles.


The HR platform that powers productivity, engagement, and retention. Connect Operating with HiBob to integrate leaves and people form HiBob.

CV Partner

The automated proposal solution for professional services firms looking to manage resumes, CVs, and case studies more effectively. Integrate people, and their skills from CV Partner to Operating.

Our customers say

Perttu Paarma
VP of Professional Services

We integrated Operating to our NetSuite CRM using Operating's APIs. A huge improvement to the homegrown and disconnected systems from before.

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Ville Loppinen
General Manager
Columbia Road

Operating replaced a ton of spreadsheets that used to link our CRM and time tracking systems

Adam Grønbeck Andersen

Operating replaced a bunch of custom built reports and eliminated the hassle of connecting pipeline, allocations and time tracking.

Alisha David
Supreme Optimization

Operating integrates with HubSpot and Harvest, automatically importing data to plan optimal project teams and workloads.

Jacqueline Enoch
Founder and Lightning

We replaced our complex finance projection spreadsheet with HiBob leaves visible in Operating, keeping our calculations up-to-date.

John Kavaleff

It's great to have one place to plan all the projects and teams.

Timo Hyväoja
CEO & Founder

We integrated MS Dynamics CRM to Operating via the API, and use the ready-made Harvest integration. We also visualize our data in PowerBI.

Connect your tools using our REST API

  • Feed your reporting tool with capacity-related data
  • Use Operating side-by-side with your ERP as the operations planning layer
  • Book a free call to explore the possibilities. Our customers have connected Operating to various ERPs, HR systems, and CRMs like, NetSuite, MS Dynamics, and BambooHR.

Off-the-shelf integrations with

Pipedrive LogoHubSpot Logo

+ integrations to other CRMs possible via our REST API

API Docs ->
Operating horizon screenshot

Download our Operating Routine for Staffing

Agencies and consultancies of all sizes – from a boutique to an international powerhouse – should operate efficiently. We wrote a Staffing Routine and a solid agenda for your weekly meeting. Get the guide.

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