Who is Operating for?


Advertising, creative, design, PR, etc.

  • Gather all client requests in place
  • Plan workloads on a weekly level
  • Understand planned vs. actual hours to manage recurring work


Software & IT, business, strategy, etc.

  • Make tentative plans visible
  • Build ideal teams based on skills
  • Understand supply & demand to make sales and hiring decisions

Professional Services

SaaS companies, engineering, etc.

  • Real-time team availability
  • Plan workloads in advance
  • Adjust timelines & team compositions when things change

Stop being the information bottleneck: share the big picture with everyone and enable an effective day-to-day routine

  • Confirmed and tentative plans in one place
  • Share a realistic capacity prediction instead of generating reports
  • Everyone has visibility, not just you
  • Learn from planned vs. actual hours
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Shared understanding of business for everyone. Focus on leadership instead of micromanagement.

  • Access to key KPIs and real-time situation for peace of mind
  • Predicted capacity for the upcoming months: informed sales & hiring decisions
  • Easier communications with different stakeholders who look at the same big picture
  • Less top-down control in day-to-day work required
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Share the client needs for everyone to see, communicate plans with consultants, and avoid conflicts.

  • Find the right consultants based on availability and skills
  • Efficient sales & staffing meetings with up-to-date plans
  • Ongoing and future work visible to avoid double bookings
  • Easy to contact the right people when all of their skills are in the system
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Know who are overbooked or underutilised. Ensure that skill information gets actually used in staffing.

  • Consultants' skill and preferences in one system to support learning & development
  • Actual and planned hours in same system to spot problems early
  • Understand professional development on an individual and competence level
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Own your schedule, communicate your skills and preferences, and see upcoming projects.

  • Manage your own schedule and see where you've been planned
  • See the sales pipeline and look for relevant projects when you have availability
  • Better matching to projects based on skills & preferences
  • Visibility to the team's availability & skills makes it easy to ask for help
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Download our Operating Routine for Staffing

Agencies and consultancies of all sizes – from a boutique to an international powerhouse – should operate efficiently. We wrote a Staffing Routine and a solid agenda for your weekly meeting. Get the guide.

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