Pipedrive deal almost won... Check Operating to see who's able to do the work.

Connect Pipedrive to Operating and create tentative projects from your deals. Sketch teams and plan allocations for projects even before the contracts are signed to be prepared.

Connect Pipedrive with Operating to plan upcoming projects from your CRM

Connect your deal pipeline with a couple of clicks

See your Pipedrive deal pipelines and choose when deals flow into Operating

  • Sync data from Pipedrive to Operating with our plug and play integration
  • Choose the deal stages relevant for staffing
  • Increase transparency between sales & operations
--> How Iona uses Pipedrive with Operating
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Connect & sync

Connect CRM to Operating and bring deals, deal owners and clients from Pipedrive

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Multiple pipelines

Sync one or many pipelines to Operating

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Choose the deal stages for deals to flow into Operating to support your staffing process

Sketch the teams for projects before they start

Plan the team setup, roles or specific consultants, to projects in your sales pipeline

  • Pipedrive deals create tentative projects automatically
  • Navigate between Operating and Pipedrive with ease
  • Never lose track of an upcoming need
--> Read more about planning tentative projects
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Deal stages

See your Pipedrive deal stage also in your staffing pipeline

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Tentative projects

Pipedrive deals will automatically create a tentative project

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If a new tentative project relates to an existing one, simply merge the projects together

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Easily navigate to the relevant Pipedrive deal from Operating

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Data synced

Bring deal owners and client names automatically from Pipedrive


Solve the staffing puzzle: see both projects and people

  • See everything you need to know at once: projects and people
  • Detailed enough for day-to-day work effort scheduling
  • Flexible enough to show 3+ months ahead
  • Visualize your Pipedrive deal stages on the project timeline
--> How IONA has improved their resource management using Operating
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Minimize time on bench

Start from who’s most available now

Clock icon

Hours, days/week, or %

Assign workloads in the unit that makes sense for your business

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Sure and unsure

Distinguish between confirmed and tentative allocations

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Timing is essential

Find the perfect match based on availability and skill profile

Filter Icon

Powerful filtering

Filter by name, skill, role, location, etc

Edit icon

Easy to edit

Paint allocations on a timeline and drag them around

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Reschedule easily

Because sometimes clients take their time before the work begins

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Absences visible

See and manage time off, calculate impact on project workdays

Forecast with Pipedrive deal probabilities

Get rid of capacity forecasting spreadsheets and complex probability calculations.

  • Predict your capacity with Pipedrive deal probabilities taken into account
  • Forecast both confirmed and tentative projects
--> Read more on capacity forecasting
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Forecast your pipeline and take into account deal probabilities

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Better decisions

Have a realistic forecast for your sales & hiring using the Pipedrive deal probabilities

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See the weighted workload predictions for different teams, competencies, and skill sets

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How the Pipedrive integration works

First, you'll need an Operating account. Book a setup call, or start a free trial to try it our yourself.

Then, follow our integration manual. Enabling the plug-and-play integration takes only a few clicks.

After you've set up the integration, whenever a deal in the chosen pipeline stage(s) gets updated, it'll show up to Operating when you refresh the connection.

Download our Operating Routine for Staffing

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