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Big News: Operating Hits the HubSpot Marketplace!

Lauri Eurén

Hey Everyone, We've Got Some News!

Operating can now be found on the HubSpot Marketplace. That's right, we're in the big leagues now! This is a huge step for us in making it possible for agencies with robust sales processes to keep on running their sales on HubSpot, while connecting it to Operating to run their staffing process efficiently and transparently.

Recap on what Operating is all about

In simple terms, Operating is like your agency's go-to tool for making sure everyone on your team is in the right place, doing the right things. It's the operational big picture that ensures there's one place to store project portfolio, project allocation data, as well as data on people and hours spent on projects. With the integration to HubSpot, planning upcoming work becomes a lot easier!

"We use Operating (with HubSpot) to plan the people side of our operations, i.e., staffing and matching the right people with the right projects. It has structured and improved our staffing practices a lot."

Pretty neat!

Operating - HubSpot Integration: The Details

Operating connects to HubSpot with just a couple of clicks. Here's what you get when integrating the tools together:

  • Sync your HubSpot deals with Operating: Pick the stages of your deals to move into Operating. This helps your sales and delivery teams work together more smoothly.
Choose the deal pipeline stages from HubSpot, so deals will flow to Operating at the right time.
  • Plan Tentative Projects: Use Operating to outline potential projects, allowing for early resource allocation to make sure you can deliver what's promised.
  • Forecast Future Workloads: Operating helps in anticipating your team's future workload, aiding in balanced resource distribution and workload management.
  • Upcoming Plans Visible for Everyone: Ensure transparency across your agency by making upcoming projects and plans accessible to all team members, not just the sales department.

Ready To Connect?

Curious? Take a look at what Operating can do for you on the HubSpot Marketplace: HubSpot Marketplace - Operating.

If you want to connect Operating to HubSpot immediately, try out Operating for free, or contact us either, by booking a time through Calendly, or by sending an email to hello@operating.app.

Lauri Eurén

Lauri Eurén is the CEO & Founder of Operating - a former consulting professional with experience from hands-on consulting as well as leading an agency operation.


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